1Hey!!! Want to have good time while you Wine & Dine in Goa, with tasty and delicious dishes for your palate,  tempting Cocktails & Mocktails, Music to soothe your moods, then Coyote is a place to visit. We offer a vast menu of Continental, Goan, Portuguese, Indian, Steaks, Sizzlers, Chinese, Tandoor and Dessert out of this world. Coyote Bar & Restaurant is situated at Murrod Vaddo, Beach Road, Candolim.

The owner Jude Lopez and partner Roly, make a good team untidily. Jude Lopez, who has the influence of his Mom’s tasty food known all over, got influence to start the Coyote Bar & Restaurant business handling the kitchen and overall affairs of the restaurant. Roland fernandes  (Roly) has a lot of experience as a Bartender and looks after the guests greeting and serving.

We promise a good time and service with a smile. Your visit will convince. You will have a wonderful time. Its a promise you will compliment. So join the fun & enjoy AMBIENCE of Coyote.


Jude Lopez started his career as a DJ at Fort Aguda Beach Resort. But as the time passes, Jude gets influenced to work as a Chef from his mom who has Excellency in private cheffing. This has deeply influenced his lives and fuelled his career as restaurateur. That’s how it worked for almost 15 years of Experience in successfully running the bar & restaurant and gaining the popularity through customer satisfaction helped him to go along way what he is today.

The menu speaks to the needs of Coyotes guests requirements. A visit to our bar & restaurant is must and you will be the best judge, when you taste the food & drinks. The customers are from Goan, domestic and international tourists coming to Goa. Coyote Bar & Restaurant is open for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, Also for parties. So be sure that you pay a visit to Coyote, just for your curiosity. We promise you a Good time. Your visit will give us the opportunity to serve you with all the satisfactory service with a smile. Not forgetting the music to soothe to your Ears & Dancing.